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Assault, May 30, 2010
Suspect 7126 : Fugitive
Gender: male
Build: small
Complexion: dark
Height: short
Paris Tillery - New Bedford - Armed Assault
Assault - Case No. 100575
May 30, 2010
New Bedford : Hillman Street
Paris Tillery
Case Details:
On May 29th, 2010 the defendant was involved in a physical altercation with his girlfriend of approximately two years. During the argument the defendant punched the victim (Santos) in the head several times. The argument escalated and the defendant struck the victim in the head with a wooden hair brush. The victim attempted to leave the home and when she did the defendant caught up to her and brought her back into the home while holding a knife to the victim’s side. The argument continued once they were back in the home and the defendant made a stabbing motion towards the victim striking her in the abdomen region. The victim sustained a small scratch or puncture wound below her belly button. The victim stated that she felt that she was not free to leave and was being held against her will.

On May 30th, 2010 the defendant and victim #2 were involved in a verbal argument in front of 22 Jean Street. The defendant and the victim are known to each other, victim #2 had a prior dating relationship with victim #1 . Victim #1stated that the argument was due to her being physically and mentally abused by the defendant. Victim #1 stated that after the verbal argument the defendant left the house and came back approximately ten minutes later. Victim #1 got in the car with the defendant and he removed a hand gun from his waist and told her he was going to get Victim #2. The defendant then drove around the city looking for Victim #2. The defendant then drove to the area of Cottage and Mill Street, knowing that Victim #2 frequents the Elks Club. The defendant had seen Victim #2 driving and flashed his high beams at him. The defendant pulled in front of Victim #2 and stopped his vehicle. At this time Victim #1 exited the car and as she was running from the scene she heard several shots. She returned to the scene and seen that Victim #2 had been shot and that he was being tended to by the witness.

Witness stated that she was with the victim #2 when they observed the defendants car parked in the parking lot of the Elks Club. Witness stated that she thought the car belonged to her cousin. Witness stated that the vehicle drove past them then pulled in front and pulled over to the curb. Victim #2 then exited the car and approached the driver’s side of the defendant’s car. She stated that she observed Victim #2 put up his arms and the defendant exit his vehicle. She then stated that the defendant shot at Victim #2 causing him to fall to the ground. The defendant then stood over Victim #2 and fired at least one more shot at Victim #2. The defendant then got back into his vehicle and left the area. Witness stated that she did not know the defendants name but knows that he is Victim #1 boyfriend.

If you have any information about the identity of this person or where they are, please contact:

New Bedford PD: (508) 991-6300 x 133
Investigator: Detective James Estrella
Case Submission No.: 100575

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