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October 29, 2009
Suspect 6695 : Captured
Hampton NH Fugitive 10/09
Hampton NH Fugitive 10/09
Hampton NH Fugitive 10/09
Case No. 100321
October 29, 2009
Erika Ahearn
Case Details:
After a custody hearing in September 2009, Erika Ahearn absconded with her children. She remains on the run and in violation of the court orders issued out of the Portsmouth Family Court. She may be in Florida and may have been traveling with Fiesta Shows Carnivals, some of which are now back in the northeast area. She has ties to Massachusetts, and specifically Topsfield and Salisbury. She is wanted on a fully extraditable warrant issued out of Rhode Island for unlawfully carrying a firearm, and is wanted in NH for interference with custody (that warrant is ‘NH instate extradition only' at this time). She and her family are well aware that she is being sought by law enforcement and she has dyed her hair and dyed the children's hair, according to witnesses interviewed in Florida.

In custody, Miami Florida-Thank you to all.

Hampton NH Police Department: (603) 929-4444 x 311
Investigator: Detective Christopher Gilroy
Case Submission No.: 100321

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