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Drug Offenses, November 20, 2008
Suspect 6321 : Captured : Fugitive
Gender: male
Build: medium
Complexion: medium
Height: medium
Catalino Correa-Suriel - Drugs, False ID - Norwood & other towns
Drug Offenses - Case No. 100044
November 20, 2008
Norwood : Norwood/Dedham

Case Details:
Catalino Correa-Suriel ss# 581022234, 8/22/72. Was arrested in Dedham Ma 11/08 and was indicted for drug trafficking. He was also charged with a fraudulent R.I. drivers license # 2815357 under the name Juan Nieves. He then obtained yet another R.I. permit under the name Ramon Berrios license #2912938. He was last arrested in Lynn Ma. for the fraudulent R.I. permit. He was out on 50k bail and now has several default warrants. He has been arrested with a fraudulent Ma License under Simon Bolkan in the past. Alias of Juan Ramos Nieves also. May be in the company of a female with a last name of Pinto who he has young male child with.

Thanks to the US Border Patrol, this suspect now known as Manuel Soto was captured trying to enter the United States illegally once again. US Customs did a Google search of suspect’s alias which connected them to the MMW posting.

Norwood Police: (781) 440-5100 x 143
Investigator: Detective Cliff Brown
Case Submission No.: 100044

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